A dental filling may be necessary to repair the surface of your tooth if it has been damaged by wear, decay, or a fracture. Fillings are used to strengthen teeth when damage has been caught early, before it progresses and requires more intensive dental treatments. The lifespan of a fill can be between 5-12 years, depending on what filling material is used.

The Process

If your Dentist has determined that a filling is the proper course of action for you, the process will be completed in just one office visit.

  • First, a local anesthetic will be administered to numb the necessary area of your mouth.
  • Then your Dentist will use a variety of tools to remove the decayed or damaged areas from the surface of your tooth.
  • Your tooth will be cleansed and may be isolated by a “dental dam” to keep it clean during the rest of the procedure.
  • The Dentist will choose the proper filling material based on the tooth’s location and the extent of the damage.
  • The chosen filling material will then be applied and shaped to blend with your other teeth.