Whitening your teeth can be done with over-the-counter products or by your Dentist. Before choosing to use either method be sure to discuss it with your Dentist as individuals with certain dental work (such as bridges and crowns), infected gums, and sensitive or discolored teeth may not be good candidates for the teeth whitening procedure. Whitening treatments can last from 4-12 months depending on what you eat/drink and the whitening treatment you choose.

Types of Whiteners

Over-the-Counter whitening kits

  • When choosing a store bought whitening kit, be sure to select one that is approved by the American Dental Association. These types of kits need to be used for 7-30 days to have their full effect on your teeth. Results are not guaranteed and will often vary by person.

Dentist- Supervised

There are two types of Dentist-supervised whitening treatments. These treatments offer more significant tooth whitening results than the store bought options.

  • Option 1: An in-office whitening treatment that takes approximately 45 minutes.
  • Option 2: A Dentist quality take-home kit that provides greater whitening results than store-bought kits because of a higher concentration of the whitening agent.

The Process

For custom whitening trays, models of your teeth will be made so custom trays can be fabricated.  A whitening gel will be placed in the trays and worn for 2-4 hours daily for two weeks at your convenience at home.  Your dentist can monitor your progress and provide higher or lower concentration whitening agents to help achieve the results you desire.